FLAC-tagging: DISK # not recognised

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FLAC-tagging: DISK # not recognised

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Hello everybody,

Currently I'm struggeling with the FLAC Disk # tag. I'm using Tag&Rename 3.4 on my PC for tagging/correcting tags (Ogg/FLAC mode).

Everythings goes well, instead of the Disc #.

When I set the Disc # via Tag&Rename, the Fidelio does not recognise it.
When I set the Disc # via the Fidelio, Tag&Rename does not recognise it.

In the latter case windows reports a tag labeled CDNO that is set correctly.

Anyone a clue how to solve this without having to enter all FLAC Disc IDs on my Fidelio?

On regular MP3 the Disc # works fine in both directions!

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At flac Files only ID1 Tags are allowed - if the flac Files are ID2 taged, the Hifidelio will not recognize them.
Maybe here is the mistake.

If you use MP3tag V. 2.41 (freeware) you can see the following Tag informations:
- (FLAC) - if the tagging is okay
- (FLAC ID2) - these files will be not recorgnized by the Hifidelio

I hope, this will help and solve the problem.

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FLAC does not use ID3 Tags, neither v1, nor v2, but vorbiscomments instead.
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Thanks, I decided to tag my flac files with both tags Disc# (via Tag&Rename) and CDNO (via windows explorer). Works fine in both ways, only limited extra work.

It enables me to throw al multi discs albums in one folder, to listen to them without have to select the next album when disc 1 has finished, while still keeping the original track number.