Another lost weekend because of problems with network!
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Autor:  dvelle [ 15.04.2012 17:23 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Another lost weekend because of problems with network!

I apologize that I can't write my cry for help in German, aber mein deutsch is nicht so gut.

For many years I have a Hifidelio, currently firmware 2.3.28. Also, for many years I experience problems with the connectivity in my home network.

The Hifidelio seems to appear randomly in the network folder of my windows explorer. I have tried many things: Wireless connection, Wired connection, different settings but the problem remains.

After spending many hours again this weekend, I decided to ask for help.

I can always connect to the Hifidelio/ Leonore interface. I also can always connect to the Hifidelio with the VNC client. I always can play the music stored on the hifidelio when using Itunes.

But I can only sometimes approach the import folder of the Hifidelio when using the Windows explorer. When I am lucky and the Hifidelio appears in the networkfolder of windows explorer, it stays there for many hours. No problem. But the next time I want to do it, it takes hours before it appears.

I seem to have the same problem with a Dune Video streamer in the same network.

Could anyone give me some advice what the cause of this problem could be?

Any help is very much appreciated!

Autor:  Börnie [ 16.04.2012 13:32 ]
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Hi dvelle,

I can't tell much about the real root cause but whenever my HF is not found by my Explorer, my HF just randomly changed its IP address (from 192...101 to 192...104 for example).
Now I know of it and I live with it ;-)


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